Interview for the European Bridal Week exhibition

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Interview for the European Bridal Week exhibition

1. What is the main goal you follow when designing the dresses?

There are many talented designers at the wedding-dresses market now and we are admiring many brands. However, we have a special “mission”: we would love to create such designer dresses that absolutely anyone can afford. The main goal of Domenico Rossi is not only to implement our designer ideas but, first of all, to produce competitive goods – dresses with the ideal price-quality ratio.

2. How do you form collections?

We have clients from various countries that is why we are working not only like designers but even more often like marketers while creating new dresses. for example, those dresses that our French or Italian colleagues would admire, will not be so much appreciated by owners of bridal salons in Austria or Germany. That is why we try to keep to the rule “40/40/20”. 40 % of our collection consists of classical corset dresses, moderately lush, sewn from classical fabric: soft tulle, lace, silk. These are the dresses that will never lose relevance, they can be inherited by daughter from her mother. In this type of dresses we work most on improving of cutting the corset in order to enable the dress to emphasize the bride’s figure. Another 40 % consist of dresses for daring brides who keep up with the fashion trends. The remaining 20 % are made by the best-sellers of the current season. Bridal fashion does not change that fast and we are trying to keep the bestsellers for the next season as well.

3. What fabrics and colors, in your opinion, will be relevant in this season?

Powdery shades will remain popular is the new year and also a new smoky grey will be added, it will be mostly used in decorating the dresses. Sure the classical colours – ivory and white - will keep their positions.

4. Do you use social networks to promote your product?

We sell our dresses only wholesale that is why it is important for us to show the dresses to bridal salons owners. We are also trying to visit both big international exhibitions and small regional ones. As a rule, those clients who see the quality and the prices of our dresses are willing to start cooperation with pleasure. Nice pictures and distributing information without personal presence do not work in our case. We are rather new on the market, and it is important for us to be seen.

5. Have the brides' preferences changed in the last 5 years?

Some of the markets are very stable which means that the brides prefer dresses of traditional models. Judging from our experience, Germany is among such markets. There have not been many changes here in the recent few years –classical straight silhouette and high-quality lace are still popular. Slovakia, Czech Republic and Italy are most “sensitive” to modern bridal tendencies. They are not afraid of either colours, or of sexual transparent corsets. Every year the brides here are waiting for something new.

6. What advice would you give your stockists to stay one step ahead?

Now efficiency will be important that is why we would advise the bridal salons to have at least one supplier with finished goods warehouse in their list. When you have a client in your salon and she wants a dress of a model or size that you don’t have - it is a good advantage to be able to offer a delivery in a few days’ time.

7. The plus-size market seems to be a fast-growing sector – do you find there is a real call for larger sizes within your existing ranges?

This is an interesting question. We believe that this market isn’t really growing. Recently most people are trying to lead healthy lifestyle and that is why in many countries people in average are even buying dresses of a smaller size. However, there is one observation: offer of suitable dresses within bridal market is diminishing. Today designers prefer creating transparent corsets from light fabric which are not very suitable for those brides whose figures are far from model ones. That is why every day we are getting questions from new clients about dresses for brides of size-plus. And we are taking these demands into account creating dense and quality corsets with lacing that are not only beautiful but also give the bride a chance to look several sizes thinner.

8. How many labels do you feel one shop should carry to get the perfect balance?

Our management has a 10-year experience of managing retailer network of bridal salons. And judging from the knowledge we have we would advise a shop to work with at least 5-6 different labels. If you choose a smaller number of suppliers, the shop won’t be flexible. We all know that one producer may create stunning collections 3 years in a row, and then on the 4th year … oops – and this is absolutely something different. Besides, if one or two suppliers suddenly have a breakdown of supply, it is very important to have choice. You all understand this What about a wish to keep more than 10 brands in your shop, in such case it is very unlikely that you will be an exclusive representative of these brands in your region. And in our opinion this is very important for a shop. Producers need a certain sales turnover in order that you are the only representative in your region. In case you sell 100-150 dresses a year, then 5-6 brands is just what you need.